Wild Garden

Brand Strategy | photography | WordPress Website Design and Development


Wild Garden is an Auckland landscaping company. They specialise in luxury garden design and plant supply. 


Our role was to create a start-up brand identity for Wild Garden. This included, logo design, photography, social media & website design and development.

Key Features

Wild Garden is responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop, making the text easily readable across any device. Image(s) scale accordingly to fit different screen sizes to ensure design consistency is kept at all times when viewing the website, no matter what device the user is visiting it on.

Throughout the entire design process we focused on the user. This included designing easy navigation, keeping the design consistent and putting usability first. 

We have used animations to create user interaction and attract attention to the right places of the website to help users find the information they are looking for. 

Wild Garden has a personalised and responsive contact form installed to assist in getting more leads and making the business easily contactable. A contact form makes it convenient and easy for your web visitors to make an enquiry and for you to collect information about the person inquiring.

Social icons have been added in the footer area of the Wild Garden website to allow the user to check in and validate the company by viewing social profiles. This creates trust and legitimacy for the user. This also helps users gain more information on your company and allows you to gain more exposure and social following.

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